Bankura Accommodation

The soul of Bankura hides in its rural villages. Most of the villagers are farmers and other people work as carpenters, potters etc. Bankura has an international fame for the “Bankura Horse”- a terracotta crafted horse, and for Dashabatar Tash (the historic paintings). Bankura is famous for agriculture, the huge production of ‘Mango’ and ‘Mustard’.

Tribes like Santhal, Bhumij(Sardar)and Munda reside in Mukutmanipur region. The people belong to the Proto-Australoid ethnic group. They take rice as their main meal. Charpa Pitha is a special dish, made using rice flour and dough of minced meat; they steam it in Sal leaves and then eat. Tribal people are very much fond of dancing and singing. Women dressed in white saree with red border use vibrant garlands as ornaments while dancing in various dance forms like Pata, Dasai, Ranpa, Karam, Raibeshe, Jhumur etc. Male participants wear traditional White dhoti and turbans. They play musical instruments like Dhamsa, Kendra and Madal.

Its also called LAND OF FESTIVALS:

  1. Makar Parab
  2. Karam
  3. Bandna(Saharai)
  4. Jhumur
  5. Palash Utsab
  6. Bishnupur Mela
  7. Ekteswar Gajan
  8. Dharar Mela

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