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There is a proverb-The Bengalis has the sweetest tooth in the world and it is true going by the varieties of sweets available in Bengal.

Bengali sweets are sugar or molasses juice soaked flour or milk- sugar mixed with different sized chicks. Sweet is a very popular ingredient in Bengali food and drink. No occasion in Bengali is full without sweets. When you hear the name of sweets, water comes to the tongue.

Tal Rosogolla-(Bakura):






Mecha Sandesh-(Bakura):-

Macha or Mecha is a popular dessert in the Bankura district of West Bengal. It is also often called Macha Sandesh. The mecha of Beliator is considered to be the most famous and the most famous of all. Mecha is made with mugdal and sugar. At first, the sugar was mixed with the mugdalbatter and rolled properly. Later on, A sugar coating is given. Macha looks a lot like a charm. Previously, the popularity of Mecha’s has declined greatly. At the initiative of the West Bengal government, Newly made sweets will be on the outskirts of Burdwan, Mecha will be produced along with other sweets in West Bengal.


Sarpuria in Krishnanagar(Nadia) is one of the famous and popular confectionery. When pure milk is burned, it falls on a thick sap. The sap is picked up from the bar and placed on one level after another. Almond on it, Khoya latex, and cardamom are spread and another layer of fried fertilizer is placed on it. Then he was put in milk mixed with sugar.



Sarbhaja is a famous sweet of Krishnanagar. The reputation of this sweet made of milk and ghee has spread to Bengal and the Indian subcontinent.

Shaktigar Lyangcha-(East Burdwan):-

Langcha is a kind of juice sweet. Its color is dark brown. The langcha of Shaktigarh in West Bengal is famous. Its main ingredients are flour, lamb, khoya, sugar. Famous for its extraordinary taste.


Boro Bonde-(Hooghly ):-

Jolbhora-(Chandannagar-Hooghly) :-

Jalbhara Sandesh is a special Sandesh of like Talshash shaped. Surya Kumar Modak of Hooghly district is the discoverer of this sweet. The main ingredient in making this Sandesh is chicks, Sugar, Rosewater, and winter molasses. The rose water comes from the Konoj according to the rules. Some Sandesh is first made into a hole under the pressure of the finger through the mold. In that hole, rose water is poured and the rest is covered with Sandesh and the mold has to be closed. This is how the water is made.


Manohara is one of the most popular sweets in West Bengal. Manohara is very famous in Janai and Beldanga in Murshidabad district of Hooghly district in West Bengal. It is also called Chauni Sandesh in many places. Manohara is a round-the-clock sweet with a layer of sugar on a mound of chicks and sugar or a mixture of sarchanchi and latex. Girishachandra De, a famous confectioner of Kolkata in recent times, And Nakurchandra Nandi introduced Manohara coated with Nalen molasses instead of sugar.


Nikuti One of the most popular sweets in Bengal. From a structural point of view, Ninkuti is a Pantua national sweet. It is long in shape, It’s a bit like a langcha. The outside is hard but the inside is soft. Light pepper powder is spread on the net while serving. Nikuti Payes is also very popular.

Sada Bonde-(Hooghly):-

Kamarpukur’s Sada bonde’s are Rama Kalai’s Besan and Atap rice powder. It is accompanied by ghee or dalda and sugar juice. Rama Kalai or Ramva, Kalai refers to the seed of the barb. For that reason, the base of Rama Kalai is also called the base of the barb. In the past, the local farmers of Kamarpukur used to cultivate the barb and provide the seeds of the ripe barb.


Chana Bada-(Murshidabad):-

Muger Jilipi-(West Midnapore):-

Muger jilipi is a popular sweet among the Bengalis of West Bengal. The use of mugs in this jilipi instead of the material used to make ordinary jilipi has brought another dimension to sweetness. For the mugdal material, this sweet has become a dessert completely different from the common jilipi. The main ingredient in Mug Jilipi is Mugdal, Ghee and sugar.

Kheer Doi[Red Curd]-(Nabadwip):-

Though curd is usually white, pudding curd is a distinct type of confectionery. Red curd of the Nadia’s Nabadwip type is very popular. Kali Ghosh or Kalipad Modak of Nabadwip was the inventor of the confectionery in 1930.

Jhuri Doi:-


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