Whether you plan for a event … may be a private party one or a grand wedding celebration, the most important thing is to visualize the end result and then start the planning in a scientific manner. Planning to execution every step requires a perfect monitoring.


Event should be a memorable one. It should be a magical program with all your relatives & friends, some of whom you haven’t seen in years, but who still have a permanent place in your heart …

The mastery of the event organizer is the key for any occasions to end up fruitful. The worldwide growth of programs, from a corporate event to branding promos, exhibitions to fair – festivals, the need for high quality and bespoke event management becomes more and more critical.


We provide the solution & service, whatever the event. From corporate events to luxury parties we try to provide professional & personal approach to all aspects and services of the project and bespoke event management.

We arrange ..

  • Wedding & Parties

  • Product Launching Events

  • Location & Logistics

  • Experiential Events

  • Cultural Events

  • Outdoor Photo Shoot 

  • Creative Workshops 

  • Branding Solutions 

  • Wellness Camps 

  • Transportation Management

Events may be complicated, and involve many parties but we will make it gorgeous through simple interface.  Services include customized special events, unique theme parties, local and headline entertainment, tailor made packaged tours, innovative home get together and complete transportation services executed by our professional staff & master guides.



Creative Work shops:  We combine a deep strategic understanding of public affairs, a large network of contacts, and a wealth of creative ideas to deliver memorable social events, including classic workshops, seminars, cocktails and conferences. Our team will accompany you from the development stage throughout the event preparation and implementation. Each event is tailor-made to client requirements.


ECO PROGRAMS:  As a part of our Eco-education initiative, we arrange Eco-Workshop to sensitize, educate and spread awareness on practicing sustainable waste management in daily lives. Can I change the way my waste impacts our Mother Earth? Can I recycle all my recyclables? Do I need segregation at home? Can I ever live without these thin gauge plastics? Can I do this in my community? We do assist workshops on these type of  awareness programs.


PRODUCT LAUNCH: Venue – Theme – Entertainment – Timing – Social Media – Public Relation – These are very important factors for a perfect Product Launch program.


Official launching of a product is one of the best ways to present the new thing to the world! To introduce a brand new product, a smart presentation is very much required. To showcase and build a focused attention around the benefits of the new product should be the mission. A launch event is the first step in the overall advertising campaign. In a sense, launch events create anticipation and hype around upcoming products. When done correctly, it unleashes a strong momentum the company can use to expand its sales and carve its market share.



Creating a truly memorable personal experience for your customers leaves a lasting impression that can be difficult to replicate with other marketing channels. By providing an interactive experience customers are invited to engage physically with a product or brand, creating a tangible experience that is unique to this form of marketing.


So what is an experiential event? Essentially an experiential event should seek to immerse people in an experience – it is not an event that they simply visit and observe, they should experience it on multiple levels. It might be allowing customers to try out a new product within a pop-up store environment, or inviting them to step inside their favourite TV show, for example.


EVENT IDEAS: The Bengal Local

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